(a few hours after I received it from Emma; it sounded like something was breathing in my bag, it was the sourdough!)

Emma Rose Metcalfe

so this is my new rye starter…but after growing the old wheat dough, making delicious pancakes and growing again, zip lock bagging to prepare for the flight – I left the boor baby dough in the fridge…in yorkshire! Have requested a postal service from the parents.

This sourdough baby, was a wedding gift (in America) to Siri’s mom and dad 30 years ago, and then on my 21st birthday I got it (in London) from Siri exactly 4 years ago and today on my 25th birthday I give her to you in Stockholm. Hope you enjoy as many pancake sundays as I have!


For Siri’s American Sourdough Pancakes!

Night before you want to use feed with 1 cup of warm water and 2 cups plain wheat flour, leave to grow!

For the Cakes: 1 cup sourdough — 1/2 cup milk powder — 1 tsp salt —2 tbsp sugar — 1/2 cup cooking oil — 2 eggs — 1 tsp baking soda.

1. Beat whites until stiff, but not dry. Leave to one side.

2. Mix milk powder, salt, sugar, oil, yolks and sourdough together.

3. Dissolve soda in a little water and stir in just enough to mix.

4. Gently fold in whites.

5. Cook on medium hot griddle!

6. Serve with berry’s and maple syrup

hhmmmmmmm… yummy…organic friendly farmed crispy bacon optional.”