Ludwig Haslberger

I am a victim of the digital age. The main part of my day I spend in front of my computer which is due to my profession as a graphic designer but also to the fact that the world wide web enables me to stay at home and organize my life online. I can transfer money, book flights, order books, read the newest headlines and check the weather.


I would love to tell you the story that my grandmother once gave me a recipe of a sourdough that she had received from her grand-grandmother. But it would be a filthy lie. Of course I got the recipe from the internet. I went on, a German online encyclopedia for food. I was able to choose from 435 sourdough recipes. I picked one of the first ones. As a victim of the digital age I will just google translate from German to English:

350 g flour (rye flour) — 1 pack yeast (dry yeast) — 500 ml water, lukwarm

Preparation: In a bowl, mix 250 g of rye flour with the bag of dried yeast. Stir in the lukewarm water. The approach of other bridges with a cotton cloth and store at room temperature. After 2 days, again stir in 100 g of rye flour. Ready to use the leaven is for another day.

Note: When baking bread, the water and flour content of the yeast approach are considered.

Preparation time: 10 min — Resting time: about 3 days — Level of difficulty: simple — Condensing p. Father: not specified — Activation: 14:10:02 — Recipe Statistics: read 39 071 (889) * — 151 (4) * stored — 1171 (25) * print 38 — (0) * sent — * Only in this month.”