Bonnie Swift & Matthew Evinger

We got our sourdough from Niklas, who got it from Järna Café, where he worked. It’s very strong; they use it every day and have had it for years. They mostly make baguettes with it; I’ve mostly make whole wheat and rye.

We had a starter before this one that we began ourselves in Järna. This one gained in strength slowly. It was doing well until our friends boyfriend, totally unfamiliar with sourdough, decided it smelled rotten and dumped it in the trash.


Either keep it in the refrigerator or make bread at least once a weak. The starter should be warm when you use it. We mix it with only flour at first, and allow it to rise and get sour. Then we salt it and knead it, let it rise again, knead it again, put it into whatever bread pan you use, let it rise, and bake it. Experience will tell you what quantities and times you prefer.”