Noriko Yokoi — 横井 範子

“At home we use different types of natural yeasts according to the season and they have become necessities for our meals. When making miso and other soups, using a yeast made from seaweed is perfect and for salad dressings a raison or citrus yeast is great. I talk to the yeasts everyday and treat it like a family member. Depending on its condition it can either make me very pleased or make me angry. I give the yeasts the opportunity to live, but I also feel like I live through the yeasts.”

「我が家では四季折々様々な酵母を育てていて、日々の食事には欠かせないものです。味噌汁やスープをつくるときは昆布からとった酵母が欠かせませんし、ドレッシングにはレーズンや柑橘系の酵母が欠かせません。日々酵母に話しかけ、酵母の状態に一喜一憂し、まるで家族のような存在。 酵母を活かすのも人であり、酵母に生かされているのもまた人なんだなと感じます」